43 Reactjs Interview Questions For Experienced 2021

Advanced Reactjs Interview Questions For Experienced. If you are looking for React interview questions, then this blog post provides a list of 43 Real-time scenario based React.js interview questions. Explore below listed React questions and prepare for your next Reactjs job interview. All the best for your future and happy learning.

Reactjs Interview Questions

What is React.js? How is it different from other javascript frameworks?
Can you explain about the standard JavaScript toolchain, transpilation, JSX?
Explain lifecycle of a React component?
Have you used HTML while working with React.js?
How do you embed two components in one component?
How might React handle or restrict Props to certain types, or require certain Props to exist?
How React component lifecycle methods help in building interfaces?
How React Router and its techniques differ from more traditional JavaScript routers like Backbone’s Router?
How to apply validation on Props in ReactJS? Apply validation in previously developed example in above question?
How to set up routing in ReactJS. Explain with the help of step by step approach?
How to use Events in ReactJS? Give an example of using events?
How to use Forms in ReactJS? Give an example of using Forms in ReactJS by developing a User Registration Form?
How would you create Higher Order Components (HOCs) in React.js?
Please explain step by step approach on how to setup environment for ReactJS?
What are Components in ReactJS? Explain the Component Lifecycle with the help of a diagram explaining each component method in detail. Also, Give an example of both Stateless and Stateful components with source code?
What are pure functional Components?
What are react component lifecycle methods?

Advaned Reactjs Interview Questions

What are State and Props in ReactJS? What is the difference between the two? Give a proper example of using State and Props to elaborate the concept with complete source code?
What are stateless components in React.js?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using React components?
What are the benefits of using React.js?
What is a router in React.js?
What is Flux concept in ReactJS? Explain various flux elements including Action, Dispatcher, Store and View. Give a simple practical example of installing and using Flux in an application?
What is Flux in React.js?
What is high-level component lifecycle in React.js?
What is JSX and how JSX can help applications in React.js?
What is low-level component lifecycle in React.js?
What is ReactJS-JSX? What are the advantages of using JSX? Explain basic code snippet of JSX with the help of a practical example?

Reactjs Interview Questions For Experienced

What is Redux and Flux? When do you use them?
What is shouldComponentUpdate and when is used in React.js?
What is the difference between an Element and a Component in React?
What is the difference between AngularJs Vs React.js?
What is the difference between Flux Vs MVC?
What is the difference between React Components extend, createClass and mixins, HOCs?
What is the difference between React Components in ES5 and ES6?
What is the difference between setState() and forceUpdate()?
What is the difference between various React Component lifecycle methods?
What is the significance of keys in React?
What is the significance of refs in React?
What is the Virtual DOM, and a pragmatic overview of how React renders it to the DOM in React.js?
What kind of tools might you use in the build steps to optimize the compiled output of the React code?
When would you use setState() and forceUpdate()?
Which feature can we use to cause a component to render only when its ID changes?

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