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5 Main Drawbacks or Disadvantages of Python Programming Language

Python is a straightforward, adaptable and a total programming language. It is an incredible decision for beginners up to experts. Despite the fact that it has a few weaknesses, we can see that the benefits surpass the drawbacks. Indeed, even Google has made Python one of its essential programming languages.

5 Main Drawbacks or Disadvantages of Python Programming Language

1. Slow Speed

We examined over that Python is a deciphered language and dynamically-typed language. The line by line execution of code regularly prompts slow execution.

The dynamic nature of Python is likewise responsible for the sluggish speed of Python since it needs to accomplish the additional work while executing code. Along these lines, Python isn’t utilized for purposes where speed is a significant part of the project.

2. Not Memory Efficient

To give straightforwardness to the developer, Python needs to do a little tradeoff. The Python programming language utilizes a lot of memory. This can be a disadvantage while building applications when we incline toward memory enhancement.

3. Powerless in Mobile Computing

Python is generally utilized in server-side programming. We don’t get to see Python on the client-side or mobile applications due to the accompanying reasons. Python isn’t memory productive and it has slow handling or processing power when contrasted with different languages.

4. Database Access

Programming in Python is simple and tranquil. In any case, when we are associating with the database, it lacks behind. The Python’s database access layer is crude and immature in contrast with the famous technologies like JDBC and ODBC.

Huge endeavors need smooth communication of complicated legacy data and Python is along these lines seldom utilized in enterprises.

5. Runtime Errors

As we probably are aware Python is a dynamically typed language so the data type of a variable can change whenever. A variable containing number might hold a string from here on out, which can prompt Runtime Errors.

Along these lines Python software programmers need to perform exhaustive testing of the applications.

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