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Arm architecture

ARM stands for Advanced RISC Machine. It is work on reduces instruction set computer.

ARM architecture uses load-store architecture to perform different operations.

It is a 32bit processor, the word length is 32bit. i.e the size of the register is 32bit.

ARM architecture uses a 32-bit address to access memory i.e it can uses 2^32 up to 4GB memory data time.


Arm model

In the above diagram, there are 37 registers in ARM processor 7 special registers are there from out of 37 registers and 30 general-purpose registers.

Special register’s are R15, CPSR, SPSR-FIQ, SPSR-SVC, SPSR-IRQ, SPSR-ABT, SPSR-Und.

In user mode the ARM processor user R0 to R15 and CPSR to perform the user program execution.

The ARM processor operates in 6 different modes, they are:-

  • User/System mode
  • First inter
  • SVC mode
  • IRQ mode
  • Abort mode
  • Undefined mode

Expect the user mode the ARM Processor used of special-purpose register and the linked register to perform a system-related operation that is the other 5mode is used for system purpose.

The R13 and R14 are used as a link register and instruction register. R14 is known as the stack pointer.


It is a special-purpose register use to store the condition of the ARM processor after the logical and arithmetical operation.

It consists of different to flags:-

S Sign Z Zero C Carry V Our flow I interrupt T Thumb Pro CPSR mode


This Register is used only by the ARM processor when the system-related operation is made.

It is used in privilege made.

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