Inheritance in c++

Inheritance in c++ Inheritance in c++ is described that Deriving a new from an existing class is known as inheritance. In inheritance, the existing class is known as the base class or parent class, and the new class is known as the derived class or child class.   Inheritance concept is basically used to reuse… Continue reading Inheritance in c++

Constructor & Destructor in C++

Constructor & Destructor The syntax of constructor and destructor is the same. The constructor name is totally same as the class name and the class name is used for the name of the destructor, with a tilde ~ sign as the prefix to it. What is Constructor? Constructor is a method. Constructor name must be same as… Continue reading Constructor & Destructor in C++

Class and Object in C++

Class:- The major destinations of Class and object in c++ are given below:- The class is used to create the blueprint or architecture. Class is the combination of data member and member function.Class is a user-defined data type, which holds its own data members and member functions or method, which can be accessed and used… Continue reading Class and Object in C++

Function in C++

FUNCTION in C++ A function in c++ is a group of statement that together performs a particular task. Every C++ program contains a function, that is the main function. Main () is the entry point of the program. At this point, the execution of the program is started. Syntax:- void main() { ———- ———- } What… Continue reading Function in C++


CONTROL STRUCTURE in C++:- A control structure is a block of programming that analyzes variables and determines the order in which statements are executed. Loop Control Structure:- For For(initialize counter; test condition; re-evaluation parameter) { Statement; Statement; } While while(test condition) { Body of loop }   Do-while do { statement; } while(condition) Selection Control Structure:- Switch… Continue reading CONTROL STRUCTURE in C++

Operator in C++

Operator in c++ Operators are the foundation of any programming language. C++ programming language is incomplete without the use of operators. Operators are used to performing specific mathematical and logical computations on operands. Operator  in C++ is given below:- C++ provide following types of operator:- Arithmetic operator :-  +   –  *  /  %  ++  —… Continue reading Operator in C++

Datatype in c++

Data type in C++ The Data type in c++ are divided into 4 types:-       primitive:             bool, char, int, float, double, empty:                  void     derived:                array, pointer, reference    user-defined:      enum, typedef, struct, union, and class some basic or primitive data type with an example:- bool:- Boolean can represent true… Continue reading Datatype in c++

What is OOPS ?

What is OOPS? OOPS stands for Object-oriented programming language. The object Oriented programming language is a programming style that is associated with the concept of Class,  Objects and various concepts like Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation etc. What are the features of OOPS? The features of oops are: Objects Classes Abstraction Encapsulation Inheritance Overloading Exception Handling… Continue reading What is OOPS ?

What is the difference between POP and OOP?

Difference between POP and OOP? The difference between pop and oop are given below:- Subject of Difference Procedure Oriented Programming (POP) No. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Problem decomposition Decompose the main problem in small parts called functions. 01 Decompose the main problem in small parts called objects. Connections of parts Connect small parts of the program… Continue reading What is the difference between POP and OOP?

What is the difference between C and C++

Difference between C and C++  The differences between C and C++ are given below:- C:- 1.C was developed in 1972 2.C was developed by Dennis Ritchie. 3.C is procedural oriented 4.C is compiled language. 5.C is a middle-level language. 6.C support pre-processor. 7. Pointer concept is present in C. 8.C doesn’t support method overloading. 9.C… Continue reading What is the difference between C and C++

What is C++ ?

What is C++? what is C++, as we all know is an extension to C language and was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at bell labs C++ is an open source, middle label, preprocessed, compiled, assembled, linked and loaded, procedure-oriented and object-oriented, statically typed, general-purpose programming language. Open source:- C++ is developed by an ISO standard committee. The… Continue reading What is C++ ?