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Aspirants who wish to join the networking industry need to have in-depth knowledge of various networking techniques and strategies.

CCNA Certified professionals have a plethora of opportunities before them. After completing their course, aspirants can work at the following job roles.

Job Roles

Proven Professional Competence

Applicable Cisco Certification

Data Centre

Data Center Network Administrator

Years of experience: 1-3

Foundational knowledge of installing, configuring, and maintaining data centers.

Cisco Certified Network Associate Data Center (CCNA Data Center)


Network Design Engineer

Network Design Technician

Support Technician

Years of experience: 1-3

Ability to design network infrastructures and services.

Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA)

Routing & Switching

Entry-Level Network Engineer

Help Desk

Network Administrator

Years of experience: 0-2

Manage a small, enterprise branch network.

Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT)


Service Provider Network Engineer

Service Provider Network and Support Technician

Service Provider System Engineer, Field Engineer

Service Provider Network Designer, Planner, Implementer, Optimizer, and Support Personnel

Years of experience: 1-3

Knowledge of Service Provider industry core networking technologies and trends, and the ability to configure and implement baseline Service Provider Next-Generation networks.

Cisco Certified Network Associate Service Provider (CCNA SP)

Service Provider

Network Security Specialist

Security Administrator

Network Security Support Engineer

Years of experience: 1-3

Ability to develop a security infrastructure, recognize threats and vulnerabilities to networks, and mitigate security threats.

Cisco Certified Network Associate Security (CCNA Security)


AV Installer

Video Technician

Video Administrator

Video Media Operator

Years of experience: 1-3

Knowledge to deploy video end-points, set-up new users, and operate networked video solutions.

Cisco Certified Network Associate Video (CCNA Video)

Voice Collaboration

Voice Technologies Administrator

Years of experience: 1-3

Knowledge of VoIP technologies such as IP PBX, IP telephony, handset, call control, and voicemail solutions.

Cisco Certified Network Associate Voice (CCNA Voice)


Network Engineer

Network Administrator

Network Manager

System Engineer

Network Designer

Project Manager

Program Manager

Sales and Marketing

Years of experience: 1-3

Ability to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot basic tasks of a Cisco WLAN in SMB and Enterprise networks.

Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless (CCNA Wireless)

Important FAQs regarding CCNA

Q. What are the basics of CCNA?

A. CCNA professional deals with the operation and installations related to LAN, WAN & other network services. Apart from these, a CCNA professional also has some other key skills such as communication skills, troubleshooting skills, organizational skills, customer service skills, analytical skills. CCNA professional is also familiar with Microsoft Office suite and the ability to use industry specific tools.

Q. Is CCNA a good career option?

A. Yes, CCNA certification will help the candidate grab a good job opportunity. The CCNA course certification will validate the candidate’s networking skills and will help him/her in getting into the right profile or option. It’s an initial level Cisco certification and has a great demand in the IT industry.

Q. Can I do self-study at home to pass CCNA?

A. Students can study for the CCNA exam at home. There are many options available online to prepare for CCNA. Candidate can also try official e-learning by Cisco. This e-learning by Cisco will have the learning material, several tests and labs.

Q. Where Can I Register for the CCNA Exam?

A. Students can click on this link to apply for CCNA certification exam by visiting Pearson VUE Official Website

Q. How will CCNA Certification help the candidate in career growth?

A. CCNA certification will give a candidate knowledge about networking and also it will help you active in the latest trends of networking. Candidates will high chance of getting promotion with a good hike. CCNA Certification will provide candidates with stable employment and growth in reputed IT firms. Candidate with non-technical background can also become a CCNA certified by clearing the examination.

Q. What is CCNA certification?

A. Cisco Certified Network Associate is known as CCNA certification which is Cisco’s most well-known certification. CCNA certification programmes deal with the ability to install, design, operate, and trouble route and switched systems. CCNA course elements focus on networking which includes how to plan, create, manage, and troubleshoot a network. CCNA certification is accepted globally and one can expect better career prospects after achieving the CCNA certification.

Q. What is the Passing score for CCNA certification course?

A. The passing s is 810-850/1000.

Q. What is the validity of CCNA certification? When will this expire?

A. CCNA certification is valid for three years.

Q. What are the topics covered in CCNA exam?

A. The CCNA certification covers many aspects of networking. Questions will be asked from networks, routing and switching essential, scaling networks, subnetting and connecting networks. But the most important topic to study is subnetting. Candidate must understand how to subnet. 


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