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Difference between JAVA and C++

Difference between Java and C++:-

The Difference between JAVA and C++ are



1.JAVA was developed in 1999.

2.JAVA was developed by James Gosling.

3.Java is successor of C and C++.

4. There are 50 keyword present in JAVA.

5.Java use package.

6.Java doesn’t support preprocessor.

7. There is no concept of pointer in java.

8.Operator overloading not allowed in java.

9.Java is platform independent.

10. Union and data-structure are not support in java.

11.Java fully supported thread.

12. It is both compiled and interpreted.

13. Templates are not supported.

14.JAVA support documentation comment.

15.JAVA doesn’t support virtual keyword so we can override all nonstatic method.

16.JAVA doesn’t support default argument.

17.scope resolution (::) operator not present in JAVA


1.C++ was developed in 1979

2.C was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup.

3.C++ is successor of C.

4. There are 56 keyword present in C++.

5.C++ use header-file.

6.C++ support preprocessor.

7. Pointer concept is present in C++.

8. Operator overloading is allowed in c++.

9.C++ is platform dependent.

10. Union and data-structure both are supported in C++.

11.C++ doesn’t support thread.

12.C++ has compiled language.

13. Templates are supported.

14.c++  doesn’t support documentation comment like JAVA.

15.C++ supports virtual keyword so we decide when the function can override or not.

16.C++  support default argument.

17.scope resolution (::) operator  present in C++.

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