Difference between Java and Core Java

Difference between Java and Core Java

Java is a very famous language that is based on the object-oriented programming concepts. It is the successor of the C and C++ languages. It was developed by Sun Microsystems. Core Java is a term used by Sun Microsystems to refer to the Java to standard edition J2SE. This is the parent of all other editions of Java. used in site internet it has a wide usage everywhere even and Android is very fast and a secure scripting language we can run Java in various platforms without the need for a compilation hence this run anywhere high-level programming language and it is object-oriented based on the class for the class concept the Java program is compiled by the Java Virtual Machine.

It’s a General term used by Sun Microsystems to describe a standard version of Java. It is the most basic edition of Java which was used as the basis for making all other editions. It is a part of Java and it is used mainly for developing desktop applications and server-based applications.

Difference between Java and Core Java

S. No. Java Core Java
1. It consists of J2SE, J2EE and J2ME. It consists only of J2SE.
2. It is used to develop applets and applications. It is used only to develop desktop and server based applications.
3. Is a superset of core Java. This is a subset of Java.
4. It can be used for mapping applications on embedded systems. It cannot be used for developing applications on embedded systems or mobiles.
5. It has continuous contribution from industry experts, Java developers and other open-source organisations. It is not Community-driven.
5. It can reduce network usage, making it budget friendly. It cannot reduce network usage.

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