What is the difference between POP and OOP?

difference between pop and oop

Difference between POP and OOP?

The difference between pop and oop are given below:-

Subject of DifferenceProcedure Oriented Programming (POP)No.Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
Problem decompositionDecompose the main problem in small parts called functions.01Decompose the main problem in small parts called objects.
Connections of partsConnect small parts of the program by passing parameters & using an operating system.02Connects small parts of the program by passing messages.
EmphasizingEmphasizes on functions.03Emphasizes on data.
Use of dataIn large programs, most functions use global data.04Each object controls data under it.
Passing of dataData may get passed from one function to another.05Data never get passed from one object to another.
Security of dataAppropriate & effective techniques are unavailable to secure the data.06Data stay secured as no external function can use data of an object.
Modification of programModification of a completed program is very difficult and it may affect the whole program.07Modifications are easy as objects stay independent to declare and define.
Designing approachEmploys top-down approach for designing programs.08Employs bottom-up approach for designing.
Data identificationIn large programs, it is very difficult to find what data has been used by which function.09As data and functions stay close, it is easy to identify data.
Used languagesLanguages like C, FORTRAN, COBOL etc. use POP.10Languages like C++, JAVA etc. use OOP.


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