Difference between Process and Thread

process vs thread

Difference between Process and Thread:-

The difference between process and thread are given below:-

Process Thread
1. A process cannot share the same memory area(address space) 1. Threads can share memory and files.


2. It takes more time to create a process 2. It takes less time to create a thread.
3. It takes more time to complete the execution and terminate. 3. Less time to terminate.


4. Execution is very slow. 4. Execution is very fast.
5. It takes more time to switch between two processes. 5. It takes less time to switch between two threads.
6. System calls are required to communicate with each other 6. System calls are not required.
7. It requires more resources to execute. 7. Requires fewer resources.
8. Implementing the communication between processes is a bit more difficult. 8. Communication between two threads are very easy to implement because threads share the memory
9. The program is stored on disk in some file and does not require any other resources. 9. Process holds resources such as CPU, memory, address, disk, I/O etc.


10. The process is an executing instance of a program. 10. A thread is the smallest executable unit of a process.
11. Processes have considerable overhead. 11. Threads have almost no overhead.
12. Processes can only exercise control over child processes. 12. Threads can exercise considerable control over threads of the same process.
13. Run in separate memory spaces. 13. Run in shared memory spaces.


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