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Difference between Static Testing and Dynamic Testing

Static TestingDynamic Testing
Testing was managed without executing the programTesting is finished by executing the program
This testing does the confirmation processDynamic testing does the approval process
Static testing is about prevention of defectsDynamic testing is tied in with finding and fixing the imperfections
Static testing gives an appraisal of code and documentationDynamic testing gives bugs/bottlenecks in the software system.
Static testing includes an agenda and interaction to be followedDynamic testing includes test cases for execution
This testing can be performed before compilationDynamic testing is performed after compilation
Static testing covers the primary and statement coverage testingDynamic testing procedures are Boundary Value Analysis and Equivalence Partitioning.
Cost of observing imperfections and fixing is lessCost of finding and fixing defects is high
Profit from speculation will be high as this interaction required at a beginning phaseProfit from venture will be low as this cycle includes after the development stage
More audits remarks are enthusiastically suggested for great qualityMore imperfections are energetically suggested for great quality.
Requires heaps of gatheringsRelatively requires lesser gatherings

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