Features of java with description…?

Features of java with description:-

Platform Independent: –

  • If the application is able to execute in any environment is known as platform independent application.
  • If a language support to develop a platform independent application is known as platform independent language.

Open Source: –

  • The source code of java development or java libraries is not bounded to sun microsystem or oracle corporation .It is available for any user  so java is  open source.
  • The source code of entire java development is available in :-

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_102\src

Architecture Neutral: –

  • Memory allocation and memory deallocation is same for all environment like windows or Linux which is support the concept of architecture neutral.
  • In c or c++ the size of integer is depends upon the processor.
  • Integer size is 16 or 32 bits .

Object Oriented:-

As object-oriented support some common rule which help to develop an application by using a predefined architecture.it makes simple to develop a software.

To Develop an Application:

  • Java supports huge number if classes and interfaces. “So it is for a programmer to develop an application by using predefined method.”

Robust: –

  • Memory allocation and memory deallocation is not the job of java programmer.
  • Garbage collector collect the useless memory which is known as automatic memory management.
  • Java support exception handling to avoid abnormal termination.
  • Java internally uses the concept of pointer.
  • The combination of automatic memory management exception handling and security java is robust.

Multithreaded: –

  • Java language bi-default multi threaded.
  • Main is the default thread in java.

Distributer: –

  • By using java, we can develop a distributed application with the help of java.net and java.rmi package

Exception Handling: –

  • In Java exception handling is a technique through which we can avoid the abnormal control flow.
  • It is possible by try…. catch.

Garbage Collection: –

  • Java not support garbage value like C or C++.
  • JVM (Java Virtual Memory) is responsible to allocate memory and garbage collector is responsible to collect the garbage values.
  • Java doesn’t support the concept of constructor and destructor like c++.

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