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How to Claim Car Insurance After Road Accident in India?

An insurance claim is an authority demand that a policyholder makes to the insurance company for the pay of the harm incurred about by them. The compensation is given according to the coverage ensured to the policyholder by the insurance company under the insurance policy.

An insurance claim can be made in 2 ways – in a cashless way and in a reimbursement way. If there should arise an occurrence of vehicle insurance, when a policyholder gets their vehicle repaired at an accomplice garage of the insurance company, then, at that point, the claim is gotten comfortable a cashless way as the insurance company pays straightforwardly for the caused fix costs to the garage.

In any case, assuming the policyholder gets their vehicle repaired at a garage which isn’t a piece of the insurance company’s solicitation, then the policyholder needs to make the installment of the maintenance costs themselves to the garage and the equivalent is subsequently repaid to the policyholder by the insurance supplier, dependent upon the total insured.

Car Insurance Claim Procedure – Driving a vehicle out and about allows you to travel miles, yet it requires the driver to be mindful. Despite being cautious accidents can occur anytime. It very well may be a accident, robbery, fire, or some other sad occasion. To claim every one of the advantages of an insurance company, you want to contact your insurance agent or company right away.

If it’s not too much trouble, note, that you can claim benefits for harms and different causes relying on the nature and coverage of your car insurance policy.

Documents Required To Process Car Insurance Claim

The car insurance claim settlement process requires the policyholder to present specific documents to approve and acknowledge the claim car insurance. You want to satisfy the insurance claim document alongside the accommodation of the essential archives. These are the following documents expected in the claim settlement process.

  1. Copy of the insurance policy
  2. First Information Report (FIR) recorded with the police headquarters
  3. Copy of the driver’s permit
  4. Copy of the registration certificate of the vehicle
  5. Extra documents if there should be an occurrence of reimbursement claim
  6. A brief estimate of the fixes
  7. Medical report if there should be an occurrence of physical injuries
  8. Original documents of different expenses

6 Easy Steps For Making Car Insurance Claim After an Accident

How to claim car insurance? To get the most extreme advantages from your car insurance policy, illuminate about the accident and the intensity of the harm immediately to your car insurance company and obviously, to the police.

Assuming that your insurance company views your claim as authentic, they will repay the sum in the wake of reviewing your vehicle or different viewpoints. Here are some steps to assist you with claiming for your harms effectively –

Stage 1: Inform The Insurance Company

Call your car insurance company right away and intimate them about the incident in any case. As the timeline is limited, inside the seven working days, you want to illuminate the insurer with respect to the accident, failing which your claim settlement period is thought of as slipped by. To raise a claim, you really want to submit essential archives like softcopies of your driving license, car registration certificate, FIR alongside the initial two pages of your insurance policy. You could likewise require a nitty detailed letter addressed to the Road Transport Office (RTO).

Stage 2: Lodge A FIR In The Nearest Police Station

Inform the police and file a FIR as this is a required step in the car claim settlement process in occasions like robbery, fire, or street accident, including the third party harm. The FIR can be stayed away from in circumstances where there are marks and scratches on the vehicle. It is an absolute necessity when there is any actual injury or third party accidents. The police will visit the spot to distinguish the flaws and make an unmistakable differentiation of regardless of whether the accident occurred because of mechanical disappointment. It will likewise record every one of the fundamental subtleties of the driver, the vehicle, travelers, and witnesses or different angles in the FIR.

Moreover, you really want to file a case to the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal having jurisdiction area where the accident occurred among you and the third party. It is possibly required when an third party is engaged with a accident.

Stage 3: Capture Photographs As Valid Proof

Certain individuals like to continue with a reimbursement claim. In these kind of cases catching the location of the incident with a photo can be useful. You can snap a couple of photos of the accident which include your vehicle harms, substantial wounds and so on, and fill in as legitimate evidence during claim settlement. Also, you can note down the name, contact number of your witnesses, third party (assuming any involved) with the goal that it can help you in the whole method.

Stage 4: Submit All The Documents To The Insurer

The next stage after the FIR is to continue towards claim settlement. It must be started once you present all the significant document to the insurance company. Make a point to present every one of the Copy’s of documents like driving license, car registration certificate, FIR, and other required information.

Stage 5: Ask The Insurance Company To Send A Surveyor

File a claim from your insurance company and request that they dole out you with an assessor, regardless, an exhaustive investigation process. You can likewise raise the claim online by visiting the site or other web-based interfaces of the insurance company assuming that they give any such facility. In the event of a cashless claim settlement, an agent will be sent by the insurance folks who will attempt to asses all the critical harm that has been incurred about to your vehicle. He will help with the right company of the garage where your vehicle can presumably be towed down. Towing by the insurance company will be done to claim that there could be no further harms on the vehicle. The survey commonly takes places inside one-two working day of the car insurance claim implication.

Stage 6: Car Repairs

Get you car repaired and start the claim cycle. The claim settlement should be possible in two cycles. On the off chance that somebody inclines toward a cashless claim, they don’t need to bear the weight of fixing cost. In such claims, it is prescribed to take the vehicle in the list of company garages recommended by the insurance company. The policyholder just necessities to pay for deductibles and the rest is covered by the insurer. Then again, assuming somebody continues with reimbursement claim, he/she really wants to pay from his own pocket for every one of the harms. For this situation, he should submit unique bills, receipts, clinical reports, photos, etc.to the insurance company. The insurer will repay all the maintenance sum in the wake of taking away every one of the deductibles. Here the policyholder can fix his vehicle at the favored garage.

After it views your claim as authentic, your car insurance company will repay the sum according to the agreements referenced in your insurance cover. The sum to be repaid and the occasions to be covered would likewise rely upon the sort of car insurance policy you hold. The third party insurance is compulsory in India as per the Motor Tariff Act 2002, and it will just cause the expense of harms inferable from the contribution of an third party. The comprehensive car policy gives a more extensive coverage under a solitary umbrella, and you can also improve it further with broadened additional items.

The course of claim settlement can be somewhat convoluted, and in this manner, it is recommended that policyholders ought to peruse the approach documents carefully, that the insurance company sends. All inclusions and exclusions reports will be given detail. A third opinion from an lawyer can also be taken in such manner.

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