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How to Create or Run your First Python Program?

In the last tutorial, we finished our Python installation and setup. If you want to learn about Python installation and setup Just Click Here and Read full Article. Now, It’s an ideal time to make your first Python program.
Creating First Program
Stage 1)
Open PyCharm Editor. You can see the early on screen for PyCharm. To create a new project, click on “Create New Project”.

Stage 2) You should choose a location.

  • You can choose where you need the project to be made. If you don’t want to change location than keep it as it is but at least change the name from “untitled” to something more meaningful, like “FirstProject”.
  • PyCharm should have observed the Python interpreter you installed earlier.
  • Next Click the “Create” Button.

Stage 3) Now Go up to the “File” menu and select “New”. Then, select “Python File”.

Stage 4) Another pop up will appear. Now type the name of the file you need (Here we give “HelloWorld”) and Click on “OK”.

Stage 5) Now type a simple program – print (‘Hello World!’).

Stage 6) Now Go up to the “Run” menu and select “Run” to run your program.

Stage 7) You can see the result of your program at the lower part of the screen.

Stage 8) Don’t stress if you don’t have Pycharm Editor installed, you can still run the code from the command prompt. Enter the right way of a file in command prompt to run the program.

The result of the code would be

Stage 9) If you are still not ready to run the program, we have Python Editor for you.

If it’s not too much trouble, run the given code at Python Online Editor

print("Hello World")

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