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How To Get A Duplicate Bike Insurance Online? Documents Required & Other Important Details

If you’ve lost your bike insurance policy, don’t worry. Follow these basic steps to get a duplicate bike insurance certificate online right away!

Duplicate Bike Insurance Online
For a bike owner, the main document after the Registration Certificate (RC) is the insurance policy. According to the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, it is mandatory to host third-party bike insurance to compensate for any injury/damage to someone else/vehicle. To get greatest coverage, individuals frequently pick a far reaching comprehensive bike insurance policy, which covers ‘own damage’ in addition to damages to a third party.

Not having substantial bike insurance is a legal offense and could draw in a strong fine in the event that you’re gotten. However, assuming you’ve lost the original insurance certificate, there’s no need to worry – you can apply for a Duplicate bike insurance certificate on the web.

How to get a duplicate bike insurance certificate

On the off chance that you’ve lost your original bike insurance, here are the initial steps you need to take to get a Duplicate bike insurance certificate:

Step by step instructions to get a Duplicate bike insurance certificate

File an FIR – If your original bike insurance document is lost or stolen, lodge an FIR (First Information Report) at your closest police headquarters. Register your complaint and get a copy of the FIR as it will be required by your insurance company to give a Duplicate bike insurance certificate.

Intimate your insurance company – The next stage in getting a Duplicate bike insurance certificate is to imply the insurance company about the loss of your policy document, so they can give a Duplicate copy to you.

Place an ad in the paper – It might appear to be old-school, however before you can apply for Duplicate bike insurance, you need to put a classified advertisement in a local newspaper reporting the loss of your policy document. You ought to determine your name and contact number, alongside a request to reach out if that anybody tracks down your document. Normally, you should bear the expense of the ad.

Draw up an indemnity bond – As a conventional request for getting Duplicate bike insurance issued, you should sign an indemnity bond on non-judicial stamp paper. Mention the policy number and the name of the policyholder and co-policyholder. Signatures of two witnesses are required, alongside your initials. This must also be submitted to your insurer for giving a replacement bike insurance document. When these formalities are done, you can draft an application mentioning the issuance of a Duplicate bike insurance certificate. You will need to attach copies of all the above mentioned documents with your application.

How to apply for duplicate bike insurance online

Most insurance company are going digital trying to make the auto insurance application process paperless. Similarly, you can also get a Duplicate bike insurance policy online with no problem. You should simply follow these steps: Step by step instructions to apply for Duplicate bike insurance on online:

  • Go to the official site of your bike insurance provider.
  • Select the policy type from the listed insurance policies.
  • Enter your policy number and other required details. Assuming you can’t observe your policy number, you can contact your insurance provider and share your chassis number and vehicle registration number with them, which will empower them to extricate the policy registration.
  • To frustrate scammers, you might be approached to check that you are the real policyholder.
  • Your policy document will be visible once you check your account; after that you can download or print it.
  • If you choose ‘policy on email’, a soft copy of the policy document ought to be sent to your gmail inbox.

Ensure you keep your insurance policy on you consistently; in addition to the fact that it is a need on the roads, however it additionally a significant document you really want when you make a claim.

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