Infobip Off Campus Freshers Recruitment For Junior Software Engineer Position- BE/BTech/MS/MTech/ME – Basic IT Topic

Why is this role important at Infobip?

Our use case is specific. We are solving complex problems for global brands. We avoid big release dates and deploy to production when you finish a task in your sprint. It is an in-house developed product so there is no contract forcing you to guerilla develop something and troubleshoot later.

As a Junior Software Engineer, you will directly impact the quality of the software we produce, dealing with challenges of large architecture (scalability, fail over, balancing…) that sends over 400 million messages daily.

You know you are doing a good job when:

• You write well designed, testable and scalable code in accordance to clean code principles and team agreement.

• All code you produce is thoroughly tested for bugs and reviewed before going into production.

• You have a great general overview of the system that your team is dependent of, understanding the interactions and dependencies among those components.

• You regularly contribute to discussions and brainstorming with high quality ideas that result in adoption and improvements.

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