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Interesting facts about C Program

Interesting facts about C Program

Interesting facts about C Program:-

The Interesting facts about C Program are When you purchase a computer directly from the manufacturer, is like a dead body, and one has to give life to it, by feeding something ( software) to enable it to perform the desired function, that specific software is designed in C language.

If you are a programmer or if you are interested in becoming a programmer, there are a number of benefits you gain from the C language.

Programming in C/C++ is a skill that could end-up, saving your job, or help you to get a better job.
I concluded that given a choice of flying in a plane with software written in the best current practice in a different language, I would choose the plane that used “C” software.

C has proved to be a pleasant, expressive, and versatile language for a wide variety of programs.

Believe me, “ all video games, animations, multimedia predominantly works using C language”.

C gives the programmer, what the programmer wants.

If you are C fanatic, please don’t try and convert yourself to other streams.

Programming in C is a tremendous asset in those areas where you may want to use assembly language but would rather keep it a “simple to write” and “easy to maintain”  program.

C is easy to learn and grows with one’s experience.

C  is not a “big one”, but very powerful, don’t compare with others, It is the creator. It is not specialized for any particular area of application.

C the “c”… what’s it ??? Only a language of 43 keywords and 45 operators…. This is the only language, which has survived in the computing world.

System programmer is an application programmer but application programmer is not a system programmer

C for System programming.

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