Interview question Why this company

Interview question Why this company

Interview question “Why this company” or “why you choose this company” and “what do you have to provide the output of this company”.
The interviewer always asks why do you choose particularly this company. It is the most question for an interviewer
to check which candidates really wants the job and how much the candidate gives output for bettering the company and ask some technical question.

So it seems like an easy interview question to answer, many interviewers will ask the candidate “Why this company ?” or “Why do you like to work with our company ?” or “Why do you want to work here ?” for check the interest and to see how much a candidate knew about the company.

The best way to answer the question?

The best way to give the answer to this question is to be fully prepared and knowledgeable about the company.
If you prepared about the company then you will show the talent and show you will fit your company and that job is relevant to your skill.

Before going to interview spend some time researching the company so you can talk positively in front of an interviewer and the benefits of working in this company.

You can see the company’s social media page like LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, Pinterest in order to get an update of what clients or products users think about the company. You also read the testimonial of the company.
If you have a relative working in this company you may ask him/her about the company and you get an idea about what the company is seeking in an ideal employee.

Match Your Goal

To give the best answer to compare your goal with the objective of the company. Make a list of the objective of the company. Then, make a list of how your own goals and compare them with the objective of the company.
For example, if the company provides IT service, you might list out this and note that it is an important value or goal for you.
When answering the question focus your goal or positive qualities of the company. Then say how these goals or qualities match with your own work and knowledge to help the company to achieve the goal.

Example of some best answer

1)Sir your company is one of the most reputed companies in the world.
So, it is a good opportunity to work in a reputed company like yours, when I read about your company that time I found that my knowledge is matching your requirement I thought that it is good for me where I can showcase skills and knowledge and contribute to company growth.

2)Sir, It is a great opportunity to work for your company.
I read about your company and found that my professional skills and Knowledge are matched with your company requirement.
If I work in your company I have showcased my knowledge and contribute company growth.

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