Joey Chua caught kissing colleague at a park


Malaysian singer-actor Joey Chua (pic) was caught sharing a kiss with colleague Darren Wang in public, fueling rumours that the two are now dating, reports China Press.

The 27-year-old, who is one of the participants of Chinese variety show A Journey for Love, was photographed kissing passionately at a park in China.

Wang was later seen carrying Chua, who appeared to be drunk, to his car before driving away.

The two got to know each other after working on A Journey for Love, which features Chua living with four other women.

The programme showcases the women being wooed by male participants.

Wang, 29, who is originally from Taiwan, plays the role of Love Witness in the show.

Chua was noted by fans to have rejected the advances of a male participant Chen Yue.

Many speculated that it was because she was already dating Wang.

> The 32nd Golden Melody Awards ceremony has been postponed following Taiwan’s announcement of Level Three Covid-19 restrictions in the region, reports Sin Chew Daily. Originally slated to be held on June 26, the event has been postponed indefinitely, according to Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture.

“Stopping the pandemic is our priority. Only when we work together to protect Taiwan can we see artistes returning to the stage soon, ” the ministry said in a statement.

Similarly, the awards ceremony in 2020 was also postponed from July to October due to restrictions stemming from the pandemic.

Malaysian singers Fish Leong, Namewee and Penny Tai were nominated in several different categories last year but failed to win any.

> Former Hong Kong pageant finalist and yoga instructor Jessica Liu confronted and publicly called out a man who stalked her and repeatedly took photos of her, reports Sin Chew Daily.

The 25-year-old wrote on Instagram that she ran up to her stalker and demanded that he delete the photos.

“He refused to open up his phone. If he has not done it, why was he running away?” she said.

Liu urged other women to have the courage to confront perverts.

“I know many women have met perverts who take their pictures but chose to remain silent and let things go. But when I am in that situation, I would always voice out and chase them down.

“Why are we choosing to keep silent after being subjected to harassment? It is the perverts who are in the wrong (and not us), ” she said.

Liu was once a flight attendant with Thai Airways and had worked as a yoga instructor.

She is now an actor with Hong Kong broadcasting company TVB.

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