Difference between constructor and method

Difference between method and constructor The following are the difference between method and constructor. Method name may or may not be the same as the class name whereas the constructor name must be same as the class name. A method should have a return type in java where are constructor never returns any value, so… Continue reading Difference between constructor and method

Constructor in JAVA

  CONSTRUCTOR IN JAVA:- The constructor in Java is very similar to the method. The main job of the constructor is to initialize the object. The constructor is a block of code that initializes the newly created object. A constructor is called automatically when a new instance of an object is created. Each and every… Continue reading Constructor in JAVA

Variable or data member in java

Variable/Data member:- The variable or data member in java is a block of memory which can store a data value. In Java, all the variable should be declared before they can be used. Java support 6 types of variable Local Variable Static Variable Non-static Variable Final Variable Transient Variable Volatile Variable Local Variable The variable… Continue reading Variable or data member in java

Class in java ?

Class:- Class in Java is the selection of similar types of object. From one class we can create n number f objects and n number of objects getting together to make a class. A class is declared using class keyword. Pro-grammatically class is nothing but a keyword which is used to declare any user-defined class. It is… Continue reading Class in java ?

Operator in JAVA

Operator in JAVA:- The operator is the symbol that performs a specific operation on one, two and three operands and returns a result. Operator in JAVA is a symbol that tells to the compiler to perform a certain manipulation. It is for manipulate data and variables. Java support total 44 no. of operators. Mainly operator… Continue reading Operator in JAVA

Data type and Wrapper class in java

DATAYPE AND WRAPPER CLASS DATATYPE Java language support the concept of primitive datatype like c or c++ If a language support primitive datatype that language cannot be a pure object oriented programming language. To make java language pure object oriented it supports the concept of wrapper class. As java language support the concept of architecture… Continue reading Data type and Wrapper class in java

What is Command-Line Argument in java?

Command-line Argument Command-line argument is a method which user will give inputs through the console(command prompt) using commands.The argument accepted by main method is known as command line argument. The main method of java only access array of string as an argument. The argument passed from the console can be received in the JAVA program and… Continue reading What is Command-Line Argument in java?

What is JVM in java…?

JAVA VIRTUAL MACHINE(JVM) JVM in  JAVA stands for java virtual machine. It is a system software which is inbuilt to operating system. The entire JVM developed in C programming As it is developed in C language it is platform dependent. JVM for the windows OS is different from the Linux OS. JVM is responsible to… Continue reading What is JVM in java…?

What is Main method in Java ?

Main method in java:– Main method in Java is the entry point of the program.The syntax is always public static void main(String[] args). public static void main(String[] args) The prototype of main method is predefined but the logic of main function given by user so it is user defined. The existence of main method never… Continue reading What is Main method in Java ?

Access Specifier in java…

Access-specifier in JAVA:- Access Specifier in java regulate access to class,field & method. There are 4 types of access specifier present in java such as:- Public Protected Default Private The only job of access specifier is to scope the boundary of variable method constructor class. 1.Public:- a.Public has less restriction. b.In other word is has… Continue reading Access Specifier in java…

Features of java with description…?

Features of java with description:- Platform Independent: – If the application is able to execute in any environment is known as platform independent application. If a language support to develop a platform independent application is known as platform independent language. Open Source: – The source code of java development or java libraries is not bounded… Continue reading Features of java with description…?

Evaluation Of Operating System

Evolution of OS: 1.Mainframe Systems Reduce setup time by batching similar jobs Automatic job sequencing – automatically transfers control from one job to another. First rudimentary operating system. Resident monitor initial control in monitor control transfers to the job when the job completes control transfers  to monitor Batch Processing Operating System: This type of OS… Continue reading Evaluation Of Operating System

What are the functions of operating system…?

  Functions of Operating System: The functions of the operating system are given below:- Process Management A process is a program in execution. A process needs certain resources, including CPU time, memory, files, and I/O devices, to accomplish its task. The operating system is responsible for the following activities in connection with process management. ✦… Continue reading What are the functions of operating system…?

What is an Operating System ?

What is an Operating System? An Operating system is a program that acts as an intermediate between a user of a computer and the computer hardware. An Operating System performs all the basic tasks like managing file, process, and memory. Operating System is a collection of system programs that together control the operations of a computer system.… Continue reading What is an Operating System ?