Process Design:-

process design

Process Design:-

Process design is used to perform different operations as well as execution and instruction. To perform these operations it uses different components.

There are basically 4 component used by a processor, they are:-

  1. ALU
  2. CU
  3. Bus
  4. Register


It performs different types of arithmetic and logical operation.

ALU stands for the Arithmetic  and Logic Unit. It is a real workshop of the processor.

Arithmetic operations are mainly :- +, -, *, /…..etc.

Logical operations are :- logical AND, logical OR, comparision etc.


It is a part of the CPU, which is used to co-ordinate the different operations of the system. The operations are:-

  1. Fetch
  2. Decode
  3. Execute

To perform these operations it uses a control signal. The control signal is normally contains timing, signal. Which are generated by the clock.

The control signal is generated by the control unit by executing micro-operations.


 Bus is a set of wairs and cables used to transfer binary data between the components of the computer system. There are mainly 3 types of bus used by the processor:-

  • Address Bus
  • Data Bus
  • Control Bus


The register is a device that is used to store binary bits. Normally the register is created by using flip-flops.

A flip flop is a circulatory device that is capable of storing multiple bits at a time. The register is written according to their storing capacity.

EX :- 8bit, 16bit, 32bit.

All the register is microprocessors are synchronized using a command-click to provide faster and better results.

In processor there are 2 registers are used:-


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