What is Process Scheduling Queues in Operating System?

Process Scheduling Queues

Process Scheduling Queues:-

 Process scheduling is an essential part of a Multiprogramming operating systems. It contains various operation such as:-

  • Job Queue:

    It contains the process entered into the system for execution. This queue consists of all processes in the system; those processes are entered into the system as a new process

  • Ready Queue:


    Ready Queue contains the process that is ready for execution. This queue consists of the processes that are residing in the main memory and are ready and waiting to execute by CPU. This queue is generally stored as a linked list. A ready-queue header contains pointers to the first and final PCB in the list. Each PCB includes a pointer field that points to the next PCB in the ready queue.

Job Scheduler & CPU Scheduler:-

The job scheduler selects a process from job queue and allocates it into the ready queue whereas the CPU scheduler, select one of the processes from the ready queue and allocate the processor to that process.

  • Device Queue:

    This queue consists of the processes that are waiting for a particular I/O device. Each device has its own device queue.


Representation of Process Scheduling:-


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