Processor Design Abstraction

processor design abstraction

A processor is an electronic item which performs different types of operation such as instruction execution, arithmetic operation, and decision-making operation.

Processor Design

The main function of the processor is how to execute the instructions by fetching the data and instruction from the device. To perform these operations the processor is designed by using different levels of abstraction. Abstraction is required because the processor only understands the machine language that is binary code and the user understands the general language called alphabets and a decimal number. When the user entries a data it is in the normal form of a high-level language. The high-level languages are decoded and converted to machine level language which is processed by the processor.

The abstraction can be achieved at the time of the design of the processor. The Processor design abstraction is containing logic circuits and the logic circuits are made up using logic gates. The logic gates are the basic components used to design larger components.

Processor Design Abstraction

Ex:- In the addition operation, the processor used the first adder circuit.

The abstraction in programming can be done by using high-level languages. These high-level languages can be translated using some translators named as the compiler, interpreter and assembler. The processor mainly uses the assembler for translating its high-level languages and execute accordingly.

Elements of Processor:-

The processor uses different components for its processing purposes. The components are PC, MAR, MBR, MDR, Accumulator, and ALU.


It is a register that holds the next instruction to be executed by the processor after completion of the current instruction. The PC is incremented after each clock cycle. i.e PC becomes PC+1.

MAR(Memory Address Register):-

After fetching the address the processor stored in a register called MAR.

MDR/MBR(Memory Data Register /Memory Buffer Register):- After fetching the data the processor stored in a register called MDR/MBR.

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