Operating System

File System Interface

File System:- The file system provides the mechanism for online storage of and access to both data and programs of the operating system and all the users of the computer system. The file system consists of two distinct parts: a collection of files, each storing related data, and a directory structure, which organizes and provides […]


File in JAVA

File in JAVA The file is a container which stores data permanently Data can be stored in two different ways :-For a temporary period with RAM memory :-For permanently period with HDD Data store in variable array link list is temporary because all allocate memory from RAM Tor store data permanently programming language support two […]


File Handling in C

FILE HANDLING IN C:- File & Directory:- File is a mechanism which stores data and Directory is a mechanism which stores file. Types of File:- Regular File Directory FIle FIFO File Socket File Link File Character special File Block special File The maximum size of the file depends upon the file system such as Windows:- […]