DataType in C

Datatype in C:- Data type Size (Bytes) Range Format Specifiers Char 1 – 128 to 127 %c Unsigned char 1 0 to 255 %c Short or int 2 – 32,768 to z32, 767 %i or %d Unsigned int 2 0 to 655355 %u Float 4 3.4e – 38 to +3.4e +38 %f or %g Long […]


Variable or data member in java

Variable/Data member:- The variable or data member in java is a block of memory which can store a data value. In Java, all the variable should be declared before they can be used. Java support 6 types of variable Local Variable Static Variable Non-static Variable Final Variable Transient Variable Volatile Variable Local Variable The variable […]