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what is microprocessor ?

A microprocessor is an integrated programmable device having computing and decisions making power similar to the CPU of a computer.

Definition of microprocessor

In other words, it is a programmable device used in a computer system. Which is used to off/on the device attached to the computer As compare to the earlier system using CPU the microprocessor makes the computer portable.

It is easily shifting from one place to another place. There are different types of microprocessor used in computer system :-





                                Pentium…. etc.

ARM Processor: –

What is ARM Processor

ARM stands for Advance RISC Machine. RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing). It uses one cycle per instruction. ARM Processor is a microprocessor which uses RISC characteristics. It was developed by the ARM company in 1980.

It has the characteristics of less cost and less power consumption compare to earlier CPU.

Components of ARM Processor : –

A processor is used to perform a different operation as well as the execution of the instruction. To perform these operations, it uses different components. These are basically 4 components used by a processor such as – Register, ALU, CU, BUS

Register: –

The register is a device that is used to store binary bits. Registers are created by using flipflops. FA flipflop is a circuitry devise that is capable of storing multiple bits at a time. In a microprocessor, these are 3 types of registers are used such as:- Buffer Register, Left Shift register, Right Shift register.

ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit): –

Alu stands for arithmetic and logic unit. It is used to perform different kinds of arithmetical and logical operations. Basically, these arithmetic operations are addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. Logical Operations are AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR, etc.

CU (Control Unit): –

CU stands for Control Unit. It is a part of the CPU which is used to coordinate different operation of the system. The operation which is coordinate by these control units is fetching, decode, execute.

BUS: –

A BUS is a set of wires or cables used to transfer binary data between the components of the Operating System. Mainly these are 3 types of BUS used by a microprocessor such as- Address Bus, Data Bus, Control Bus.

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