What is Internet ?

what is internetWhat is Internet?

  • The Internet is a communication system that has brought a wealth of information to our fingertips and organized it for our use.
  • The Internet is a structured, organized system.

History of the Internet:-

  • An internet (note the lowercase letter i) is two or more networks that can communicate with each other.
  • In the mid-1960s, the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) in the Department of Défense (DoD) was interested in finding a way to connect computers so that the researchers they funded could share their findings, thereby reducing costs and eliminating duplication of effort.
  • In 1967, at an Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) meeting, ARPA presented its ideas for ARPANET, a small network of connected computers that each host computer (not necessarily from the same manufacturer) would be attached to a specialized computer, called an interface message processor (IMP).
  • By 1969, ARPANET was a reality. Four nodes, at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB), Stanford Research Institute (SRI), and the University of Utah, were connected via the IMPs to form a network. Software called the Network Control Protocol (NCP) provided communication between the hosts.
  • In 1972, Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn, both of whom were part of the core ARPANET group, collaborated on what they called the Internetting Projec1.
  • Cerf and Kahn’s landmark 1973 paper outlined the protocols to achieve end-to-end delivery of packets.
  • This paper on Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) included concepts such as encapsulation, the datagram, and the functions of a gateway.
  • Shortly thereafter, authorities made a decision to split TCP into two protocols: Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Internetworking Protocol (lP).
  • IP would handle datagram routing while TCP would be responsible for higher-level functions such as segmentation, reassembly, and error detection.
  • The internetworking protocol became known as TCP/IP.
  • The Internet today is made up of many wide- and local-area networks joined by connecting devices and switching stations.
  • The end-users who want Internet connection use the services of Internet Service Providers (lSPs).
  • There are international service providers, national service providers, regional service providers, and local service providers

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