What is JVM in java…?


  • JVM in  JAVA stands for java virtual machine.
  • It is a system software which is inbuilt to operating system.
  • The entire JVM developed in C programming
  • As it is developed in C language it is platform dependent.
  • JVM for the windows OS is different from the Linux OS.
  • JVM is responsible to call the main method in java.
  • A JVM is able to execute the .class file which may be generated in any platform (like Windows, Linux).So JVM makes java platform independent.
  • A java virtual machine is a virtual machine that enables a computer to run  a JAVA program as well as program written in other languages.
  • A Java Virtual Machine is a program whose purpose to execute other programs.
  • A Java virtual machine (JVM), an implementation of the Java Virtual Machine Specification, interprets compiled Java binary code (called byte code) for a computer’s processor (or “hardware platform”) so that it can perform a Java program’s instructions.
  • The Java Virtual Machine Specification defines an abstract  rather than a real  machine or processor.
  • When you run a Java program, it runs as a thread within the JVM process. It is the JVM’s responsibility to load your class files, verify code, interpret them and execute them.

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