what is System call ?

System callSystem Call:

System calls provide an interface between the processor and the operating system. System calls allow user-level processes to request some services from the operating system which process itself is not allowed to do. For example, for I/O a process involves a system call telling the operating system to read or write a particular area and this request is satisfied by the operating system.

The following different types of system calls provided by an operating system:-

Process control

  • end, abort
  • load, execute
  • create a process, terminate the process
  • get process attributes, set process attributes
  • wait for time
  • wait for the event, a signal event
  • allocate and free memory

File management

  • create a file, delete a file
  • open, close
  • read, write, reposition
  • get file attributes, set file attributes

Device management

  • request device, the release device
  • read, write, reposition
  • get device attributes, set device attributes
  • logically attach or detach devices

Information maintenance

  • get time or date, set time or date
  • get system data, set system data
  • get process, file, or device attributes
  • a set process, file, or device attributes


  • create, delete communication connection
  • send, receive messages
  • transfer status information
  • attach or detach remote devices


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